Our team


Cook and educator
She is cooking and cleaning up the whole school site together with Zahai and Fatouma. Her own children are grown up already and are good working citizens. She is also educating the children in good behavior.


Guide & Attendant
He brings the kids to school and takes them back home again. He takes care that they don’t quarrel on the way, goof araound and don’t fall in the river. He counts six children as his own.

Ahmadu Imar Ali

He is a teacher for Amharic and math.


He is our controller. He also asks the kids what’s going on and helps in case of conflicts.

Bin Laden

He comes early in the morning at six and stays until the sun sets. When the water is running in the pipes he fills the canisters. He also feeds the sheep and takes care for them. He is chasing away all fools and thieves. He also waters the trees. He is a good companion to the children and he looks that everything is running smoothly. He protects the cars and houses. He even stays there during summer holidays.

Cornelia Frey

Founder and Manager

The Afari call her Karrera, which means as much as …
This is quite an honour for a woman with a skin as light as hers. She is a very tough woman. But when you manage to reach her heart, she will do anything for you.


Fatouma is the mother of many.
Since she is a woman from the country side she knows everyone. She comprehends all delicate situations of the children and their relationships. She is a mediator in times of trouble. The children trust her blindly. She always sleeps in the same room with the girls when they stay in school overnight.

Gexe Kale

He is a guardian during nighttime. He sleeps in the middle of all the houses and watches over everybody and everything. He has five children on his own and takes care of a small coffee shop just next to us.


He’s teaching physics and math from grade 7 on upwards. The children respect and love him a lot.

Hussein Tadesse

Hussein is our English teacher. He gives four lessons a week.


He’s teaching biology and chimistry from grade 7 upward.


School Manager
He usualy is there during the afternoon until evening. He observes the teachers. He is in charge of the school. Sometimes he has to run after children that do not appear on monday morning for whatever reason. He also drives the sick to the hospital and even teaches math and Amharic to 2 – 4 graders.

Mohamed Abdu Kader

He’s teaching Afar language, so they can read and write in their mother tongue. In addition to Amharic ( national language) in order to fulfill new educational requirements.


To ride with Omar is like sitting in the queens chariot. Omar is a skilled driver. He knows the region very well and brings you always to your destination. So whenever Omar is driving you, just relax, enjoy the scenery and the vibrant life along the roadside.

Yasin Yayo

Finances & Counselor
Yasin takes care of the finanzes. He is also a conflict manager, kind, patient and emphatically. He counsel the board members in certain matters. He writes reports for different offices. He owns himself a restaurant. He is a very trustworthy person.


Baking & Food Administration
Early in the morning when it’s still dark Zahai is baking bread for 40 people. When there is no rize or pasta for lunch she is preparing the famous injeera which is a sourdough made out of a special wheat. She is taking care of the food stock and she holds the key to the pantry and the fridge. She is the queen of food and responsible for all meals.

Mini Board Members

They are helping everywhere. We are helding meetings to discuss improvements for the school. We wright protocols for the official charity office in Addis. They inform the officials in town about our activities. Problems are discussed with the elders. They also make the selection for the right employees.