The education of poor pastoral children that are coming from rural areas. Therefore we’ve established our Ayssaita boarding school for the sake of 35 children. Our community’s aim is to develop the life of pastoralists by educating the children, which will in turn change the life of their families and tribes. If after some years they’ll get good jobs, they shall therefore be able to help others. Our aim is to teach them not only in regular school topics but also in gardening, healthcare and hygienic as well as in social studies.

The education offices in Samara and Ayssaita are supporting us and will assist us in terms of supervision and with all their might, since they are also very interested that far more children will receive education. We bring children (mostly orphans) from rural areas and offer them during 5 days a week education, food and a good atmosphere in our boarding school, which is located at the road’s end of Ayssaita.

Venez avec nous pour une petite visite guidée de notre village Assaita. Tout d'abord, nous voyons certains des environs ruraux. Puis on traverse le village avec le marché. Ensuite, nous jetons un coup d'œil dans une cabane, où nous pouvons avoir un petit aperçu de la vie de la population locale.

Kommen Sie mit uns auf einen kleinen Rundgang um unser Dorf Assaita herum. Zuerst sehen wir etwas von der ländlichen Umgebung. Dann fahren wir mitten durch das Dorf mit dem Markt. Anschliessend werfen wir einen Blick in eine Hütte, wo wir einen kleinen Einblick in das Leben der dort ansässigen Bevölkerung gewinnen können.

Come with us on a little tour around our village Assaita. First we see some rural surroundings. Then we drive through the middle of the village with the market. Afterwards we have a look into a hut where we gain a little insight into the life of the local population.


INKIINO’s mission is to work at Afar regional state, to create conducive physical, social and academic school environments and practices that promote education for all (EFA) for schoolaged children in terms of access, retention, performance and quality in Afar where the participation of children in education is the least throughout Ethiopia.

So far, INKIINO has been founded by its philanthropist manager, called Kareera, who was born and grown up in Switzerland. She is also contributing to the fund. Mrs. Cornelia (Kareera) Frey came to Ethiopia to try helping to change some of the situations in the lifes of some pastoralists.

Then, in 2011 she opened a small boardingschool in Ayssaita town. Later on, she founded an indigenous organization called INKIINO together with people from Ayssaita in Afar. In the meantime our work is very much growing and we are happy about it.

INKIINO is headquartered at the piazza in Ayssaita town. They are operational in Ayssaita Woreda, Zone 1 of the Afar Regional State. Cornelia Frey (Manager) and Yasin Yayo (Head of finances) are guiding and controlling the implementation of projects/programs as well as the personnel

management of the whole staff. Inkiino school is a boardingschoolm whereby economically and socially challenged children in remote and rural areas will be granted education in a local and best possible conducive environment, aimed at minimizing school dropout rates and increased academic performances.

In the morning after breakfast, these children attend school in the nearby governmental school outside of Ayssaita town. They all are well protected on their way to the Arado school by means of our employee who guards them.

In the afternoon, INKIINO teachers are providing them tutorial classes in the academic subjects of Afar, English, Amharic and Mathematics. Therefore, we imported some computers and a lot of learning tools from Switzerland as well as 2 cars for the transport of them back and forth from their homes to our place, to school and back home again. We are providing education, food and shelter to them during 5 days a week. On weekends and during holidays we bring these children back to their families and/or tribes.