Humanitarian aid

In this section we show you various impressions of how we want to improve the life in Ethiopia besides the work in the boarding school.

In the following video we are just about to give disadvantaged food. Since many months there is a dispute between people from Afar and Somalis, which has recently degenerated.

Lunch in Tadjourah - Djibouti

Furthermore there are many Oromos (ethnic group from Ethiopia) on there way through Djibouti and Yemen to finally reach Saudi Arabia, because there is not enough work in Ethiopia. Now we have the situation that thousands of people are on their way to find work in Dubai. But the journey is extremely dangerous and many of them perish on the way to get work.
I saw lots of man in the middle of the desert, beside the roads walking with their bunndles and asking the passing trucks for water. These people come from the highlands of Ethiopia and don't know how hot it can be elsewhere. Many die of hunger or thirst on the way.
But many make it to Tadjourah (Djibouti) and are then smuggled on to Obock and then across the sea to Yemen.
Inkiino is involved here in this "migrant worker refugee thing."
Since a few days we have opened a lunch station where they get some real food and cold water. A place where you are welcome. A little bit of peace before the storm, so to speak. Because as we know, Yemen is still at war and the distance is long...
They come in groups - eat - and then hide again somewhere or sit in a shady place on the beach until they leave in the night.

In the following some impressions:

Essen für Essenstation
Männergruppe an der Essensstation
Männer beim Essen
Überblick über die Essensstation